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Positioning Central Minnesota for 2025

The Science Initiative for Central Minnesota is working with The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota (BBAM) to provide business, government and academic leaders the data and tools they need to better position their organizations and this region for the future opportunities in the bioscience industry. Destination 2025, recently released by BBAM, provides a comprehensive roadmap on future market trends and business opportunities in the state’s bioscience industry.

BBAM engaged 600 participants and stakeholders to identify a strategic plan for six bioscience industries. They are: Biologics and Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Animal Health, Food, Renewal Materials and Renewable Energy. BBAM produced documents relating to both the global outlook for the six industries as well as specific recommendations that apply only to Minnesota.

SICM is developing a plan to educate the local community on Central Minnesota’s opportunity in these key strategic industries. Those industries are (click on the links below to read executive summaries):

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